Experience, Honesty, Integrity
Words with meaning

Old fashioned, time honored values are important to Dr. Locken. 
He applies his vast experience and knowledge in both law and in medicine with honesty and integrity 
in only accepting cases for clients whose cause is right.

  • Dr. Locken aggressively represents the victims of medical malpractice in hopes of giving them a better life through just and reasonable compensation and in hopes of helping the public by encouraging better medical practice. In representing plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases Dr. Locken has been a friend to the medical profession and to the public. A successful lawsuit is also a mechanism that forces unfit doctors to be evaluated by the medical board often resulting in corrective action, and sometimes even the loss of license to practice medicine.  Many of Dr. Locken’s clients are actually referred to him by physicians who have cared for the aftermath of a victim’s medical malpractice injury.

  • Dr. Locken also aggressively defends physicians against lawsuits where the physicians have carefully, skillfully, and knowledgeably complied with the standard of care.

  • Dr Locken is an unbiased, independent, physician attorney who always seeks in each case to work on the side of fairness, truth and justice.

As A Practicing Trial Attorney & Board Certified Family Physician, 
Dr Locken Can Provide You With Expert Representation For Your Case.